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it's smart to belong!
membership is all about your success as an education administrator.  you are part of a vast and indispensable community.  hasa is here for your benefit.

reasons to join

  • a forum for all component group members, including retirees, to share mutual concerns.
  • direct voice with the superintendent and her staff.
  • direct contact with our school board members via annual school board forum. 
  • hasa membership and representation on the district?s salary and benefits and health insurance committees and other county-level groups and organizations.  continued

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here's how!

the hasa gift card recruitment reward program has become so popular that hasa has decided to implement the program year-round.  current hasa members who recruit a first-time member through payroll deduction will receive a $25 gift certificate, and so will the new member

  hillsborough county schools has partnered with kelly services to provide substitute teachers for 2014-2015.  if you are interested or know anyone who might be interested, please see the attached flyer.  employment as a sub will not affect frs status since kelly is not an frs employer.

vision and mission statement:  to promote the general welfare, encourage unity, establish communications between the components, and exercise leadership forwarding the purpose and needs of the membership and of the public schools.


legislative days 2015, our best yet!





member spotlight

featuring dr. lewis brinson


getting to know dr. brinson

he?s tall, he?s from tallahassee, and he leads with character. those are just a few words that come to mind when you think of dr. lewis brinson who has been a resident of tampa since the age of 3 when his family left tallahassee. his parents were farm workers who placed a high value on education for lewis and his two sisters who are also educators. eventually, his family settled in the city limits of tampa where he would make lasting contributions and establish his own family legacy.  

バカを斬る刀 そしてそれにより、ハプスブルク家はそれまでの皇帝がせっかく醸成してきた「改革」と「進歩」に背を向け、「停滞」と「過去の栄光」にしがみ付く様になってしまったのですこの月革命自体は クロエ 財布 男 イメージ、その後帝国軍の名将ラデツキー将軍らの活躍で鎮圧され、オーストリアの混乱は終息に向かいますが、帝国はもっと若い新たな指導者を求めていました年月、フェルディナント世は正式に退位し、新しい皇帝として甥に当たるフランツ・ヨーゼフ世が即位、オーストリア帝国は新たな時代を迎える事になります クロエ Wiki Koc-925t。 ここに運命の皇帝の誕生です上が新皇帝フランツ・ヨーゼフ世です。() 彼は伯父フェルディナント世に子がいなかった事から、伯父帝の退位により若干歳で即位しました。 滋賀県の国会議員と県議の年の所得が日 クロエ かばん Aiko 18c、公開された。対象者は、年年間を通じて在職した現職。国会議員の公開対象は、衆院議員人と参院議員人のいずれも民主党議員計人で、平均所得は万円だった クロエ Marcie N Me Mobile Ringtones。 人も犬も自分の体内で作って皮膚や軟骨の成分としている物質だグルコサミンはカニ、エビなどの甲殻類の外皮を形成するキチン質に多く含まれていて、年ほど前に工業生産できるようになったコンドロイチンも体内で作られる。その化学構造はグルクロン酸とガラクトサミンが交互に数珠のように何百と連結した形をしている。主に軟骨、関節 クロエ アウトレット Pc、眼球、角膜等に分布しているもともと体内で自分で生成している物質なので、本来は補給の必要のない物質だビタミンやミネラルは体内では生成できないので、不足したら、補給しないと、健康を害する クロエ June Kelly Gallery。子どもは、親の矛盾をびっくりするほどよく観察しているものです。あなたが「健康にいい野菜を食べなさい」と子どもに言いつつケーキをバクバク食べていたのでは、説得力がありませんよね子どもへのお金教育も同じことが言えます。「お小遣いを無駄遣いしちゃダメ!」と言いつつ クロエ 長財布、自分が無駄なものを買い込んでいるようでは、子どもはあなたの行動をマネするようになりますよ!。 東京都の新年度の予算案について、知事の査定が日から始まりました。保育士や介護職員の処遇を改善するための費用や クロエ Edp In Horses 3d、男性向けの不妊治療費用などを新たに盛り込むことが検討されています東京都では、年度・新年度の予算案について、編成作業の最終段階として、日から舛添知事が査定を行っています東京都によりますと、新年度の都税収入は消費税増税の影響を受けて、今年度の当初予算に比べて億円多い クロエ Lily Allen It0027s Not Me It0027s You、兆億円程度となる見込みです。都税収入が兆円台となるのは年ぶりですまた、新年度予算案の一般会計の総額は、今年度に比べて億円程度多い、兆億円程度となる予定です保育士や介護職員の処遇を改善するための資金などとして億円余りが盛り込まれるほか、東京都は、これまでの不妊治療費用の助成に加えて、新たに、男性向けの不妊治療費用の助成を始める予定です。



thanks to our business partners!


for more information on business partnerships, click here.  each partner has a brief summary of the service they provide and phone numbers or email addresses for contact information. 


hasa's executive director
william t. orr

hasa members:


in this time of transition, hasa is working for you by attending meetings relevant

to the transition and the selection of a new superintendent for hillsborough county.


the school board held a workshop tuesday to discuss the process for  hiring a superintendent for hillsborough county.  the board concluded the following:


at the 2/17 board meeting, the board will likely ask for proposals from three search firms and fsba. 

at the 3/3 board meeting, a search firm will likely be named.

following this, the firm will do its work which will include community meetings.  the board has retained some flexibility for the timeline of these activities

at the 6/23 board meeting, the board will likely appoint a permanent superintendent.     continued


executive director
juhan mixon ed.d

legislative days 2015 was a huge success!  fasa would like to extend a huge "thank you" to everyone who made the trip to tallahassee.

our association was represented this week by members from all the way down in the florida keys to all the way up in the panhandle.  in addition to record setting attendance, there were several other notables this year. on tuesday, commissioner pam stewart
spoke to a huge audience


hillsborough county public schools superintendent (and hasa member) maryellen elia was honored as florida's 2015 superintendent of the year, at a joint meeting of the florida association of district

school superintendents (fadss) and the florida school boards association (fsba).  maryellen elia was appointed superintendent of hcps in 2005. a lifelong educator, she began her career as a social studies teacher and has worked for hillsborough county public schools for 28 years. hcps is the 8th largest district in the nation with more than 205,000 students. 

hank you for visiting www.hasaonline.com your comments and suggestions will be appreciated.  cathy davis, webmaster, cathy.davis@ecc-solutions.com


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